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Project goals

Project Title: Innovative tourism destination management model of non-conventional tourism in Croatia (rural tourism) and Hungary (health tourism)

Project number: HUHR71101/2.1.3/0006



Overall objective: Develop Tourism Destination Management models for non-conventional tourism destinations, disseminate findings of the research in the form of knowledge transfer to the current actors and the future actors (students) of the economy.

Short term perspectives: enhanced cooperation between the non-conventional tourism destinations for efficiency and competitiveness.

Long-term perspectives: to make the project areas successful and competitive tourism destinations, make tourism a stable and important generator of income.

Specific objectives:

1. to carry out researchin order to define the specific features of the two non-conventional tourism destinations.

2. To develop TDM models (for health tourism destinations, and for rural tourism destination).

3. To establish knowledge centres (in Krizevci and in Keszthely) storing research findings and documentation.

4. To write and deliver teaching modules about research results. 5. To publish research results in two textbooks.

 Duration of the project: 16 months, from 1 February 2013.  to 31 May 2014.

 Total EU funding:

The total budget for the Project Part of the University of Pannonia is: 113470 EUR, of which 85%, i.e. 96449.5 EUR is EU funding and 15%, i.e. 17020.5 EUR is the national co-financing resource (the University of Pannonia, therefore, is not required to provide own contribution).

The total budget of the Hungarian and Croatian project parts is: 225 615 EUR, of which  EU- funding  is: 191775.6 EUR).

 The Hungarian project part deals with tasks related to health tourism destinations.

 These tasks include:

–        Primary research in health tourism destinations, research on the theoretical background of TDM models, develop Health TDM model.

–        Completion of a textbook on health tourism Destination Management model, in Hungarian, translated to Croatian and English.

–        A teaching programme and teaching materials to be developed for a trainaing of 30 contact hours.

–        Establishment of a Health Tourism Knowledge Centre in the Central Library of the Georgikon Faculty, that provides literature research facilities for students and experts of health tourism destinations.

–        Information and publicity of the project results: conference presentations, scientific papers will be published.