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Within the framework of the project research is carried out with the purpose of outlining recommendations and suggestions for the destination management model of health tourism destinations in Transdanubia, and especially for county Zala. The final outcome of the research is the construction of a new health tourism destination management model.

 Components of the research activity are:

–        Quantitative survey (questionnaire-based primary research)

–        Qualitative primary survey (interviews with major actors of health tourism int he area)

–        Document research (secondary research) about the area involved in the project (Zala, Somogy, Baranya counties, or Transdanubia in a wider sense) , its health tourism destinations, their health tourism endowments. This research relies on the relevant literature dealing with theory and practice of destination management and health tourism.

Research results :

The main result is a Research Report, that provides the background material for the educational programme and teaching materials, to be used in training courses.